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Caledonian Tree Services is Scotlands premier arboriculture specialist. We offer a wide range of services throughout Clydebank, Dumbarton, Alexandria & Balloch, West Dunbartonshire and across the Scottish central belt. We’re willing to take on any tree work you may have. So why not give us a call & get that job you been putting off done to a professional standard.

Over the years we have accumulated nearly 100 years of experience between our team of tree surgeons and there are not many aspects of tree surgery work which have not completed. We have an enviable reputation in West Dunbartonshire and across Scotland with many customers leaving us glowing reviews online and recommending us to other individuals and companies which is a strong testament to the high quality of service we provide.


Why choose Caledonian Tree Services?

All tree work is undertaken.

All job estimates are completely free of charge.

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We are insured to a sum of £10,000,000 so you can have complete peace of mind.

All works carried out to industry best practice

All staff qualified Arborists and 2 qualified Foresters

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Tree Removal Dumbarton, Balloch, Alexandria & Clydebank

Complete sectional dismantling is the process used to remove trees where felling is not possible due to either poor access or where the tree is located within a confined area. i.e. a tree in an enclosed garden.

The process involves the removal of the branches that make up the crown of the tree. These are then lowered to the ground using ropes to prevent any unnecessary disturbance of the surrounding grounds. Once the crown has been removed the remaining trunk is then cut into sections from top to bottom & again lowered to the ground.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is the removal of individual branches at the lower part of the crown of a tree. In doing so the distance between the base of the canopy & ground level is increased.

There are a number of reasons to carry out crown lifting. In domestic areas, it will allow more light into the garden and can also be done to remove any obstructive or obtrusive branches. It is also a good means of opening up a desirable view.

Tree Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the selective removal of branches from within the crown of the tree in order to reduce the density of the tree canopy. The overall size & shape of the tree remains the same.

Crown lifting would primarily be carried out to allow more air & light both into the crown itself & also into the surrounding grounds. It can also benefit the tree by reducing the damage caused by high winds and by reducing the weight on each limb of the tree it helps to promote healthy tree growth.

Tree Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is the removal of part or whole branches around the entire canopy of the tree. While the overall shape of the tree remains the same the height of the tree & size of the canopy is reduced.

The process is carried out by pruning the ends of branches evenly over the crown of the tree. While maintaining the natural appearance of the tree crown reduction can be carried out to control the size of the tree, to reduce wind resistance & maintain the overall size of the tree in relation to its surroundings.

Woodland Thinning

We offer woodland thinning services ranging from Thinning of Commercial Conifer Plantations to Thinning broadleaf / mixed woodlands for silvicultural or aesthetic reasons.

As our in-house staff includes two qualified Foresters, we are also able to offer you advice on the best management practices for your woodland.

Rhododendron Removal

Rhododendron is a forestry weed as it can spread and take over woodland very rapidly. Rhododendron casts a very dense shade preventing tree regeneration or flora growth from occurring on the Forest / Woodland floor.

Complete eradication of Rhododendron is a continuous job and may take two or three seasons to control. The best method is to mulch the plants and then spray with a Herbicide (Glyphosate) a follow-up spray will also be carried out the following growing season.

Path maintenance

Path maintenance works can be carried out to reinstate paths after damage due to wear and tear, water erosion, etc.

Tree Clearfell

We are able to offer clear felling services including clear fell of Conifer Plantations, Broadleaved woodlands and clearance of scrub for development purposes (See portfolio and gallery).

Tree Stump Grinding Clydebank, Dumbarton & West Dunbartonshire

During the process of tree felling or dismantling, the tree stump will normally be left in the ground. The stump will be cut down to as close to the soil level as possible without having to dig below the surface.

Stump grinding can then be carried out to grind the stump to a level between 10 & 30 centimetres below the soil level. The roots below the surface that span away from the trunk will be left undisturbed under the soil.

Stump grinding allows paths or driveways to be laid, or to allow planting or re-turfing over the specified area.

Our Background in Tree Surgery and Forestry Management in West Dunbartonshire

Colin Wilson, the managing director Of Caledonian Tree Services Ltd., set up business after 3 years of studying
Forestry and Arboriculture at the National School of Forestry at Newton Rigg.

With an armful of qualifications and a desire to put his training to use, Colin sought help and guidance from the Princes Trust and the small business gateway. 7 years on Colin has a thriving business built up from word of mouth by satisfied customers.

We are based in Kilmalcolm and offer our services throughout West Dunbartonshire and the Scottish central belt. Over the past seven years we have established a good client base, have got a strong, devoted and conscientious workforce and also own and run all of our own machinery.

We Supply a broad range of arboricultural and tree clearing solutions with very few jobs being beyond our expertise and capabilities. The services we supply include woodland maintenance, tree and site clearance, tree surgery, timber extraction including winching, tree felling and removal, forwarding, hedge maintenance and removal, wood chipping including brash, whole tree, and restricted access. We offer a tree stump grinding service.

Commercial Tree Surgeon Dumbarton, Clydebank & West Dunbartonshire

Caledonian Tree Services has a wealth of experience working on large commercial tree surgeon contracts, for the majority of commercial tree surgery, there are certain demands and requirement’s that are fundamental. Here are some examples from our large portfolio of commercial tree surgeon contracts across Scotland:

Mount Stuart Trust, Isle of Bute, Scotland

Over the last 6 years, Caledonian Tree Services has delivered arboricultural services for the trust which owns and manages the large well known Scottish tourist attraction of Mount Stuart House. The trust themselves don’t employ any qualified climbers or tree surgeons, so it’s a perfect working relationship for Caledonian Tree Services to step in and carry out all the tree work and services for them.

Our commercial contract for them includes removal of trees in confined spaces, tree inspection and maintenance of the whole area. We line pathways & roads and complete sectional dismantling of dangerous or hazardous any trees. In recent years we completed the dead wooding and removal of all dead trees within Mount Stuart’s large pinetum which was planted back in the 1970’s.

visit the Mount Stuart House website.

Faslane Naval Base, near Helensburgh, Scotland

Caledonian Tree Services has been sub-contracted by WH Malcolm Construction Services to complete work on Faslane Naval Base on several occasions over the years. The contract work carried out within the based is always very demanding, almost all of the trees we are felling are extremely large and are planted in small confined spaces. On top of their size they are surrounded by offices, people’s homes and busy roads. All of these factors mean we have to adhere to strict working practices and timescales, ensuring absolute minimal disturbance to other site users and surrounding activities. 

The site clearance aspect of this contract requires a large volume of planning and organisation prior to starting all work. We make sure that we have agreed on areas that are well marked out before stacking for felled timber ensuring no interference with services and other base traffic. The investigation into any possible markets for salable timber is paramount.

Another aspect we have to account for due to the nature of the site is being stringent regarding all health & safety for works carried out. Faslane Naval Base also requires a large number of security checks on site and as such vigorous security checks are completed, with escorts in place for moving around the base.

visit the Faslane Naval Base website.

South Lanarkshire Council, Glasgow

This contract started over 7 years ago when South Lanarkshire Council approached us to assist on a large woodland operation that was being undertaken by their own arboriculturalists given that they didn’t have the machinery required for extraction and handling felled timber.

Since the successful completion of the first project, Caledonian Tree Services are regularly engaged with South Lanarkshire Council, carrying our works ranging from machine hire to assisting their in-house staff, we have since been asked to complete entire projects for the council.

We have a similar arrangement with East Renfrewshire and Inverclyde Council, which involves working with them on a regular basis.

Caledonian Tree Services has built up a strong working relationship with our commercial contracts with local government authorities and large companies across Renfrewshire and Scotland.

visit the South Lanarkshire Council website.




Tree Surgeon West Dunbartonshire Area

We are experts in tree surgery with plenty of experience working on commercial tree surgeon and forestry contracts in Alexandria, Balloch, Bonhill, Bowling, Clydebank, Dalmuir, Drumry, Dumbarton, Duntocher, Faifley, Gartocharn, Hardgate, Jamestown, Linnvale, Milton, Old Kilpatrick, Renton, Whitecrook and all the surrounding areas of West Dunbartonshire,