Hedge Cutting & Trimming Greenock, Paisley & Renfrewshire

Annual Hedge Trimming & Cutting

Due to the nature of hedge growth annual trimming is something that should be carried out on a regular basis. Dependant on the species this may require attention anywhere between once a year to three times a year.

When asked to trim a hedge we will generally tidy up the appearance of the hedge by cutting back the previous years growth to give the hedge a uniform appearance. The overall size and shape of the hedge will however remain the same.

On completion of the job, all waste will be removed from the site.

Hedge Reduction

Reducing a hedge is far more severe than simply trimming a hedge annually. This process will alter the size and if desired the shape of a hedge.

This will generally be done when the hedge has outgrown its surroundings or where the hedge is now blocking a view. It also allows more light into surrounding area as by reducing the height of a hedge the shadow cast by the hedge is also reduced.

Hedge Removal Renfrewshire

It is often desirable to remove a hedge completely, whether to allow for replanting or the establishment of a fence. The most common problem with hedge removal is that the root system is left in place which can allow for regrowth.

We will cut the hedge down to root level before digging out the entire root system. This will prevent the hedge from re-establishing itself over the coming years.

All waste created during the process will be removed from the site.