Wood Chipper Hire / Rental Glasgow, Edinburgh and Scotland

Our largest wood chipper available for you to hire is crane fed and powered by a 215 Horse Power Tractor. It is capable of chipping whole trees and branch wood up to 40cm in Diameter. The crane has a reach of 9 meters and is mounted onto the tractor roof, giving the operator maximum visibility and performance. 

Site Clearance Contractors Glasgow, Edinburgh & Scotland

All of our wood chippers available for hire are suited for large site, woodland and forestry clearance contracts with all hire having a manned operator as standard. 

Caledonian Tree Services have a wealth of experience in this particular area having completed dozens of large site clearance contracts many of which we still have an ongoing working relationship with due to bigger demand.


Crane Fed Tree Chipper Hire Glasgow & Scotland

 The grapple on the end of the crane allows cut trees and branches to be fed into the Wood Chipper. The Crane and Chipper are operated from within the Tractor cab to ensure safety.

The unit is highly mobile and is ready to start chipping within minutes of entering a work site. The unit can also easily move around even the most demanding terrain and from tree to tree, reducing the need to move cut trees around the site.

Skid-Steer Mulching

We can also offer a fixed tooth Mulching service.

The mulching head is fitted onto a tracked, skid-steer base unit, making it ideal for working in demanding situations. Its tracks give even ground pressure, high manoeuvrability with a minimum of ground disturbance or compaction. Being under 2 meters in width and just over 2 meters in height, it makes an ideal machine for working in and around trees with low canopies. The mulching head has a working width of just under 2 meters and is equipped with 36 Carbide tipped teeth. It is able to process standing material comfortably up to 20cm Diameter.

  • No Chainsaws
  • One Machine
  • One Operator
  • The mulched material is incorporated into Top Soil

 Japanese Knotweed Removal Glasgow & Scotland

Restricted access – Invasive Species Eradication

As we are qualified pesticide operators we are also able to offer services including removal of Japanese Knotweed, spraying establishing tree crops and Rhododendron control.

Also ideal for Rhododendron control is the Mulching service we offer. See Skid-Steer Mulching.